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This hand shows a run and a book when 8 cards are dealt.

See the instructions below for more explanation.

Five Crowns Instructions

  The object of this game is to have the lowest number of points, after playing all eleven hands!

  There are five suits: stars brailled as "st", hearts brailled as "h", clubs brailled as "c", spades brailled as "sp", and diamonds brailled as "d". There are six jokers, which are always wild. Each suit has eleven cards: three through ten, jack, queen and king. Each card has the suit and value in braille and print on each end.

  A run is a sequence of three or more cards in one suit. A book is three or more cards of the same value, regardless of the suit. Wild cards can replace any cards in a run or book and may be adjacent to each other.

  Before each hand is dealt, cards are collected and carefully shuffled.

  In the first hand, three cards are dealt to each player, one at a time in clockwise direction, starting with the player to the dealer's left. After each deal, the remaining cards are placed face down in the center as the draw pile. The top card is turned over to start the discard pile. (tip: Two small bowls or boxes can hold the two piles and be moved to each player for his turn.)

  Player to the left of the dealer starts his turn by drawing one card from either pile, then arranges his cards into runs and books. He ends his turn by discarding one card.

  Each new hand is dealt by the player to the left of the previous dealer and each new deal increases by one card until the eleventh hand when thirteen cards are dealt and the kings are wild. (see below for more explanation.)

  Card values: Each number card is worth its face value, jacks are eleven points, queens - twelve, and kings - thirteen. The jokers are fifty points and the "current" wild card is twenty points. In each hand, the current wild card is the card equal to the number of cards dealt in that hand. Example: The fives are the current wild cards when five cards are dealt.

  During his turn, if a player can arrange all his cards into runs or books, with one card left to discard, he may "go out" by laying down his cards, discarding one card and announcing his runs and books. After one player has gone out, the others, in turn, each draw, lay down and announce their runs and books, and discard one card. Players may not play their cards on another player's runs or books.

  At the end of each hand, each player adds the value of those cards he was unable to use. The cards laid down are not counted. The scorekeeper records the points and keeps a running tally of the score.

  The winner is the player with the lowest score!!

  You can also play Five Crowns Solitaire: Deal out eleven piles with three cards in the first pile and the threes wild, four cards in the next pile with the fours wild, etc., until the eleventh pile has thirteen cards with the kings wild. You may not move cards between hands.

  Lay out all the cards in the piles so they can be seen or touched. From the remaining cards, turn over the top card. Play that card in whichever hand would most benefit, and discard one card from that hand. The discards will not be used.

  When a hand can "go out," turn it over. Continue in this way, one card at a time, until all hands are turned over and you win, or the draw stack is depleted before all hands are closed, and you lose!