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The picture: a hand holding six cards.

On the cards in braille and print:
S and the number 3
H and the number 7
A and the number 2
R and the number 5
IN and the number 7
G and the number 6

This could be a winning hand!

Quiddler instructions

  The goal of this game is to use all your cards to spell words. Words not allowed: proper nouns, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, contractions and hyphenated words. Each card has 1 or 2 letters, in braille and print, on each end, and a value number. All words must use at least 2 cards.

  To begin, 3 cards are dealt to each player. Remaining cards are placed face down to form the draw pile. Turn over the top card to start the discard pile. Player to the left of the dealer starts his turn by drawing the top card from either pile, tries to arrange his cards to form words, and ends his turn by discarding one card. Play continues clockwise until one player can use all his cards to form words, with one card left to discard. That player may "go out" during his turn, by discarding one card, laying his other cards on the table and announcing his words. After one player has gone out, the others each get one more turn to draw, make words and discard one card. He then lays down all his cards and announces his words.

  For his score, each player adds the value points from each card used in his words and deducts the points from the cards he was unable to use in words. After each round is completed and scored, all cards are carefully shuffled or the used cards are placed on the bottom of the draw pile. Using that pile or the shuffled cards, each new round is dealt by the player to the left of the previous dealer. In each succeeding round, one more card is dealt to each player, ending with 10 cards dealt to each player in the 8th round.

  Before cards are collected for the next deal, any player may challenge a word that is laid down. Using a dictionary or by majority vote of the players, it can be determined if the word is acceptable. If it is the challenger deducts the value of that word from his score. If it is not acceptable, the player of that word deducts its value from his score. He cannot rearrange his cards to form other words. No score is less than zero.

  A bonus of 10 points may be given in each round, to the player of the longest word, counting the letters, not the cards; and also to the player of the most words. No bonus is given for a tie. The player with the highest score is the winner.

  To prevent cards from sliding and help in finding the piles, put the 2 piles in separate small bowls or boxes with Braille side down for draw pile and up for discards. These may be moved to each player for his turn. You may change the rules if all players agree.

  You can also play Quiddler Solitaire: Deal 6 or 8 stacks of 5 cards each, face down. Then deal one card face up on each stack. Make one or more words from some or all of the cards that are face up. Remove the words and turn over the top card on each stack from which you removed a card. Continue in this way to remove as many words as you can. When all the cards in a stack have been used, take a card from any remaining stack and place it face up to replenish the depleted stack. You win by using all the cards to make words!